A royal affair!

Yes, this is a bit old now, but I am back dating posts and trying to catchup with all the things I’ve done over the past couple of months.  One of which was the royal wedding.

Working at a rather unique school in Wimbledon and one that loves a good party, thats what we had.  We held a street party for all the children.  We had cakes, jelly, pies and of course champagne for the staff, but before all this could happen we had to sing the national anthem and wave at the helicopter flying over to take photographs.

In keeping with the royal theme I headed on into town to watch the wedding the day.

Then on the monday we decided a picnic in Windsor was a good idea.  I ‘d never been there before so we had our tour round the castle, by our very informative guide.  Whilst there I did hear the funniest thing, at George VI grave.  American tourist to friend: ‘Oh, so this is where Colin Firth is buried’ ha ha ha and they were being serious!

Can’t beat a bit of afternoon tea!

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