Baby bunting & vintage weddings!

Two weeks to go and only a few last things to do.  I’ve collected tea cups, tablecloths, ribbons, made baggage tags, and created mini bunting.  I’m not sure what’s left to do apart from get married and have a good time.

I am very pleased with my flower jars, they are by Leifheit and are just great.  After the wedding I am going to have to start making jams and preserves to fill all my lovely glasswares.

Its not quite as perfect as the large bunting, but it will look cute where ever I use it.

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3 thoughts on “Baby bunting & vintage weddings!

  1. Two weeks – Gosh good luck!! I love the idea of a vintage tea party and i hope it all goes fantastically well for you. I’m sure the bunting will look fab! Enjoy your big day x

  2. Love the way you are using our jars! (May I post on our blog?)
    Lynn PR
    Leifheit USA

  3. Course you can Lynn, I think they are lovely and am very pleased with the unusual shape.


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