Chocolate Cakes

I have the best recipe for rich dark chocolate cakes, I have teamed this off with bitter dark chocolate buttercream and they are yummy!!!

The Best Yummy Chocolate Cake

This is one of the best chocolate cakes I’ve tasted, moist, spongy and tasty, it possible to make with dark or milk chocolate.

You need:

1 tsp Vegetable Oil
3 tbsp Cocoa Powder (Dark if you have it.)
100ml Boiling Water
50g Dark Chocolate
½ tsp bicarbonate of Soda
100g of unsalted butter
175g Soft Muscovado Sugar
125g Milk (or condensed Milk)
1 Large Egg
150g Self Raising Flower
1tsp Baking Powder


• Rub the oil inside you preferred cake tin, and line with baking parchment, (Large cup cake are an option.) and preheat the oven to 180c/350F/gas 4.

• Stir 3 tablespoons of cold water into cocoa until you have a smooth paste, whisk in the boiling water. Straight away stir in the chocolate and the bicarb, and leave to melt and fizz. Add a touch of red food colouring if you’d like a nice red velvet colour.

• In another bowl, beat butter, sugar, milk and the egg until very smooth.

• Sift together flour & baking powder, beat half of this into the egg mixture, fold in the chocolate mixture, beat in the remaining flour until smooth.

• Scrap into the baking tin and cook for 40 – 45 minutes. Put a knife or skewer in to see if its cooked, take out and leave in the tin to cool. Turn out once cold.


25g (1 oz) cocoa
About 4 tbsp boiling water
100g (4 oz) margarine
About 300g (12 oz) icing sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla essence – optional


• Blend cocoa with a little boiling water in a mixing bowl, then blend in the margarine.
• Sieve the icing sugar and beat it into the margarine a little at a time.

or I use warmed dark chocolate.

I am thinking of taking these lovely little cakes into work with me.  My GCSE Art pupils have finished there exam and I want to say some kind of thanks for there hard work, a little tradition I started a few years back.

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