Did someone say dairy free icecream?

I have been secretly wanting to go to Yorica since it opened. Over the bank holiday I promised the biggest boy a train adventure, as we were well overdue a bit of one-on-one time. So the little one stayed home with Daddy and we set off into London. He loved the train and loved the tube even more. He couldn’t wrap his head round it being windy inside the station.

When we arrived at Yorica it wasn’t open yet, as it doesn’t open till noon. I convinced him he should eat the sandwich I’d made as I was sure he would have room for his ice cream.


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We were amazed at the amount of flavours, although some were out of bounds as they contained soya.  This was the first time he’d had ever been out for ice-cream, as you can imagine he was pretty pleased.  He opted for the fro yo and it was amazing. Stanley had the chocolate and I had matcha. As with the ice-cream, quite a few toppings weren’t suitable, but he was pretty happy with marshmallows and gummy bears. I pretended to be healthy with raspberries. Sprinkles are free and you help yourself. We did this a few times!


He was pretty tired on the way home so had a shoulder ride.  He certainly weighed more from all his ice-cream.


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  1. I must go there, it looks amazing, and great to have a choice of flavours, not just sorbet x

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