Free Chocolate Brownies

What to do on a breezy summer afternoon, bake brownies!

This has to be one of the best chocolate brownie recipes I have ever tasted, and I have made quite a few. They are always to runny, to set or just plain crunchy. This is perfect bitter sweet goodness!!!!

Its easy to make and only slightly messy, you’ll need;

150g Butter

150g Dark Chocolate

2 Eggs

1tsp Vanilla

175g Caster Sugar

100g Plain Flour

1 large spoon of powdered chocolate

Tiny bit of salt.

White chocolate chips (Optional)

Ok, this is what you need to do;

On a low heat melt the butter and chocolate and set aside to cool slightly. Next beat the eggs, vanilla and sugar until creamy. Sift the flour, chocolate and salt into the sugar and eggs, and lastly mix in the chocolate and butter (Don’t beat it).

Scrape it all into a low tin and bake on Gas 4 for 20 mins. Making sure you check it after 10. It is done when the top is pale and cracks have started to form. Now let it cool before cutting into squares and enjoying.

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2 thoughts on “Free Chocolate Brownies

  1. I can vouch for the fact that these are delicious!


  2. Mmmmmmmm -love these -and love the china you found on eBay as well! great find!

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