Going East!

Sore feet is all I can say. I feel as though I have walked miles, mmm… I think I could have. I decided to use my Banksy book and try for a little adventure today. I didn’t realise it would turn into a ten mile hike around east London.
I started at Farringdon and ended at Algate east, taking in many of Hackney’s sights on the way. It was actually fun and I found loads of great little shops and bars along the way. As for the works of the famous Banksy, most had been buffed. Typical!!!
Here are a few of the images I captured along my trek.



My favourite image of the day is this, found just near Hoxton square.


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1 thought on “Going East!

  1. Apparently there used to be a Banksy rat on the wall outside my work. They painted over it last week without thinking…


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