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Our beautiful little boy has a larger than average head, which combined with preferring to look in one direction and back sleeping, has made him develop mild Plagiocephaly and Brachycephaly, like 47% of UK babies. I spent a long time observing and worrying about his head. ‘We all want our children to be perfect and would do everything possible to make that happen.’  This is why I started asking friends and researching what could be done.

I had already found out the GP was likely to say it will even up in time. Something after reading I knew was unlikely.  I then found ‘Technology in Motion’. They were wonderful on the phone and sent me lots of information about what I could do at home before having an appointment at 4 months.  I purchased a mimos pillow and when it was avoidable for him being on his back used this. Some prefer a rolled up towel or the sleep curve mattress.  I encouraged him to look the opposite way to his preferred side, by placing toys and pictures on one side of his cot. We had Osteopathy to help his neck and I used my connecta (baby carrier) more and tried to limit car journeys. I noticed a change after a week or two, but it was still slightly wonky.

Now three months on his head has changed 4mm and is starting to round off without treatment. This isn’t always the case though. For some a corrective helmet is necessary.

These are before and after a few weeks of  helmet treatment my friend’s little boy had. I think the transformation is amazing and you can read all about his journey here.


A lot of people don’t know enough and just think things will get better by themselves. This isn’t the case and unless intervention is taken your child may not be able to wear a standard cycle helmet, easily wear glasses or sunglasses or easily, due to the misalignment of ears and eyes.  Then there is the psychological effects of teasing and bullying in the teenagers years.

Children can be treated up to 14 months, but the younger the better. The company we used, Technology in motion offers free consultations and only refers you for treatment if it is needed.  Good sources of information are headstart4babies and baby begin.

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