Little Street


   This morning we went to the lovely Little Street. It is in Frimley station, not that close to us, but worth the drive.  It really is the perfect activity for a toddler on a wet or any day.  It’s great, children can explore and play imaginative games, he loves it. He is at the stage where he wants to dress up and is forever chatting to his teddies.  It has a supermarket, where children can use little shopping trollies to pick and pack goods, a cafe, complete with coffee machine, beauty salon, miniature vehicles and building site with great foam bricks. All this alongside loads of dressing up outfits, so it’s perfect.

They have a small cafe, though a slightly limited choice especially for us with allergies.

I think Stanley found it hard to understand that the sessions are timed and if you’re three years old far too short. I think it would be worth booking two sessions next time and going for a spot of lunch in-between.

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