More china!

An ebay purchase that is so beautiful, this tea set its one of 5 I own now and the collect is slowly growing and taking over my flat. I can’t wait to see them all set out and being used at my wedding, they look so delightful. I need to decide what I’ll put flowers in on the tables. I’m not sure whats going to match, I’ve thought of celery jars, old bottles or white jugs so far. Feel free to give suggestions.

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3 thoughts on “More china!

  1. I bet vintage kilner jars would look good filled with flowers.We used some for my sisters engagement party and they were very pretty.

  2. I’ll try tracking some down to look at. Thanks, ideas are always welcome.

  3. How about jam jars? Plentiful and cheap! You could do little clusters with tea lights and flowers with little label’s stuck on them with your wedding day details as if it was the jam flavor.

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