Spring Gardens

Well,it might be spring but who knows! Only four days ago I got up to this,

Londons freak weather conditions over the past year never fail to amaze me. Who would have though snow and now the sun is out and spring might finally be here. I started in the garden today, first by making my easter present of a mini green house and second planting my first batch of seeds for the year.

I’m not planting as much as last year, as we are hoping to move house and don’t want to transport masses of vegatables along on the ride. After last years success, I’ve stuck to the sames things, outdoor cucumbers, gardeners delight tomatos, rocket, basil, courgettes and little gem lettuce. Along with these I’m going to get radishes, beans and peppers, but I’m not sure how they’ll grow in my garden as I don’t get full sun allday.

I’m starting everything off from seed, though not inside, and am worried this could hinder the growth process of my plants, I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

Other things coming up in my garden are tulips and I have found a use for my old car tyres, plant pots! Though I need to line, fill and plant on warmer weather.

Lets hope the weather continues to get better!

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