To the beach and beyond….

A four day weekend and a trip to Rye.  Our plan was to go to Hastings until a friend of mine Holly suggested Rye, knowing I would love it.  We stayed in Haydens B&B and it was lovely, big bed, sweet little onsuite (its amazing what you can get into the smallest of spaces).  On arrival we were greeted and offered complimentary tea and cakes on the terrace, the gluten free lemon cakes was lovely and my husband really enjoyed his coffee and walnut cake.  The next morning morning again on the sunny terrace we had breakfast.  They didn’t let us down, tea, cerael and scrambed eggs, veggie sausage and gluten free toast.  It was wonderful the way they cater for individual needs, soya milk gluten free, what more could I need.

Being the glorious day we couldn’t go to that area of the UK without a visit to Camber Sands.  Bikini clad I had a stroll along the beach and stopped off for a bit of sunbathing.

The next day we treked down to Dungeness, a photographers dream.  Its a strange area sandwiched inbetween the sea and Romley Marshes, it has a RSPB bird sanctuary and the most amazing bleak pebble and shingle beach all over looking by a massive nuclear power station.  Along the edge of the beach are a few beach shacks, which I believe date back to the 20s when it became a popular holiday destination for the nearby towns.


I enjoyed walking around, exploring and taking pictures and would lovely to go back in the future to taking photos of the sound mirrors at Denge.

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