Today we met a Stickman

Since Christmas Stanley has been obsessed with Stickman, the Gruffalo and his child.  I made promises that when is wasn’t a wet day we could hunt them out.

Last weekend, off we went to Alice Holt woods to find the Gruffalo.

You go on a trail, which is a fairly long walk, but we managed it (Our big boy complaining the last bit of the way). Children get an activity pack to complete along the way, with a selection of tasks. It’s a wet and muddy trail this time of year, but it’s still a path. Stanley liked the den building and jumping in puddles along route.

I’m pretty glad I used my connecta with the little one , as pushing the buggy would have been hard work.

Alice Holt looks great and I’m keen to go back in summer as you can hire bikes, with the children’s carriage on the back.

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