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You could be reading this hoping to decide on those essential baby items to buy, if so keep reading.

So having now had two children, I hope I’ve learnt a bit along the way.  The first time round you read all the books, review all the lists and buy all what is expected.  Let me tell you, you don’t need half the things you’ll buy!  Of course everyone is different and will find different thing helpful.  This is why I questioned 50 mums on what their top five best and worst baby items were.

Top five baby


Anais Anais muslins – Swaddling, napping in the pram, cuddling, feeding, muslins are my top bit of kit.  Second time around I can’t live without them, as my son is suffering from terrible reflux.

Car seat base – Time saver, safety, need I say more.

Lamaze toys – They are great sensory toys, have loads of feature, wash really well, you can hang them on the cot, car seat or pram and they keep you little one happy for ages.

Stretchy Wrap/Carrier – These give you your hands back.  If you have a clingy, refluxy or colicky, baby that refuses to sleep, this would be your saviour.  I was initially nervous about a 6 metre piece of fabric, but you tie it up and pop baby in.  I found instructions on YouTube.  I’ve now upgraded to a woven wrap and a connecta.

Sleeping Bags – These make life simple, no worrying about wriggling under blankets and they come in different togs for all seasons.


Feeding Hints


Breast feeding or Formula feeding mums must-have items are;

Prep machine – I know very little about this personally, but I believe it saves hours of waiting for water to cool.

Breast pads – Individually wrapped and contoured to your body shop, so don’t show under clothing.

Medela swing pump – One of the best price electric pumps and mine of choice.  Easy to use and you can get all replacement parts for it.


The things you might want to think twice about buying are; scratch mitts, nappy bin, top and tail bowl, manual breast pump, moses basket, baby shoes, talc and cotton wool.  Of course some people love these, but you might have a big baby so only get a months use from a moses basket and sleep suit with mitts attached are far better.

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