Veryberry Valentines Cupcakes!

Its my first married Valentines day, I don’t usually go in for this type of thing but couldn’t resist a bit of baking.  My husband loves cakes usually, so I thought I’d try something a little different, Strawberry Jam cupcakes!!!

Veryberry Cupcakes

2 Large Eggs

Self Raising Flour

Soften Butter

Caster Sugar

Good Strawberry Jam


Weight the eggs in shells and then measure out the same of all other ingredients, apart from jam.  Cream butter and sugar, getting as much air in to the mixture as possible.  Add the eggs one by one mixing after each.  Next add the flour and a little milk, then the remaining flour and milk to make it a good consistency.  This should be mixed at a good speed.  (It should fall off a spoon if tilted, not slide or stick.)

Place cases in a cupcake tray and spoon mixture into each, followed by a blob of jam and a little mixture on top.  Take care not to put to much jam in and not to near the bottom of the case, as it sinks a bit when cooked.

Cook on Gas mark 4 for 20/25 minutes, don’t open the oven before.

I wasn’t sure about frosting, so iced them with pale pink vanilla buttercream.  I ended up with lots of buttercream left over, so does anyone know if you can freeze it?

Pink Vanilla Butter Icing

Pink food colouring

Good quality Vanilla

Icing Sugar

Creamed Butter

Cream butter, vanilla and food colouring, next sift sugar bit by bit.  Mixture on a good speed and ice the cake with a knife sticking to one direction.

The finished items,

Its shame I finished making them when the sun was fading, the lighting in this picture just doesn’t do them justice.  I only hope they taste as good!

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